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  • Each proffesion has its own pay table, we pay each week including holiday money.

  • After 26 worked weeks you start building your pension.

  • We have about 20 own houses and appartments. We provide each worker a own room and expect you thread it as your own and keep the houses and kitchen clean(house rules). Also we have a proffesional cleaning company that cleans every 2 weeks. Every house is provided with the fasts internet possible on the location, washing machineWe try always to provide housing close tot the job, on the other site we try to keep you in the same accomodation as long as possible, so you dont have to move every week.

  • All our contract are according the dutch law and we pay all your taxes in Holland. Thats why you always need a sofinumber to start working in our company. If you dont have it we can help by gaining one.

  • We provide every worker with a health insurance. This is obligated! But you don’t have to pay in 2 countries. With a special form you can deduct in one of the countries the fee you pay.

  • Traveling to and from Holland is at your own costs. When you arrive in Holland we provide a company car for traveling to job also you get a petrol card or if nessecary we pay kilometer money for use of your own car.

  • In Holland the normal working week is 40 hours. But at some customers work 10 hours a day and also the Saturday. You are always free to call for extra job in the weekend.

  • For the duration of your job is it a plus when you speak a modern language as German or English.

  • SCC 18/VCA is obligated  by all our customers.

  • We provide clothing when needed ( think about winter jackets, shoes helmet). But we expect when you come to Holland you have you own helmet and shoes and welders their own welding mask.

  • Maxim


    Our collegue Maxim Maslov from the Ural in Russia works already 2 years for TempTech as a fitter. We asked him what made his decision to work for TempTech.

    Maxim: ”first I choose Holland because of the opportunities to settle, after I had a conversation with Peter en Jeroen, that gave me a good feeling and they had a job as a fitter for me. Organizing my Dutch contract went very fast and that gave me peace and security. I got work at Shell and that suited me very well. Later I was able to work in several places in the Netherlands. Personally, I find that very pleasant. The TempTech houses are in good shape. I had a private room, good internet and a well equipped kitchen. The distances between living and working are very acceptable. Working for TempTech secures my future”

    Fitter TempTech

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TempTech is the employment agency of choice for technical personnel in the Netherlands. And we are actually rather proud of that. So why do we emphasize that we’re ‘the employment agency of choice’? Because not only do we have the largest portfolio of qualified people, but we also have the best people with precisely the right education, knowledge and experience. And we work for the greatest customers in the Netherlands.

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